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7-Eleven Inc. (stylized as 7ᴇʟᴇᴠᴇn) is an American international chain of convenience stores, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The chain was founded in 1927 as an ice house storefront in Dallas. It was named Tote'm Stores between 1928 and 1946. After 70% of the company was acquired by Japanese affiliate Ito-Yokado in 1991, it was reorganized as a subsidiary of Seven-Eleven Japan Co.

A former employee said "In 7 Eleven they pay you barely above min wage but expect you to be there all the time and be able to be there if 1 person calls in regardless what shift you work."


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Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Too much work and less paid; no benefits at all."

Former Employee - Overnight Sales Associate/Cashier says

"They are ALWAYS short handed, communication is not prominent, managers dont get paid enough for their job nor does night clerks because they are at a higher risk working late, employees deserve more than a christmas bonus once a year and a free refill IF you buy the 7-Eleven cup, no maternity leave, no paid holidays, work there for a year and only get a few days maybe a week of paid vacation, there should be 2 night clerks a night, at some point the store needs to be closed for cleaning purposes, no shoes no shirt should be a policy and dont let me forget you dont get postpartum leave and pay. This is me mostly speaking on the old company before it was bought out by 7-ELEVEN Inc in July 2020."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Also hi you should probably tighten your belt Get some legal professionals to tell you the way if any to survive,or close up shop The franchise I worked at may not reflect all locations, but there was no guidance or support or regard from the manager about me or anything for that matter. Many neglected laws and eeoc guidelines smh"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative (CSR) says

"If you have small children this is not the job for you"

Current Employee - Senior Human Resources Generalist says

"No opportunity for advancement at all"

Current Employee - Manager says

"no work life balance, understaffed and disconnect between the people making the decisions and reality in the field"

Current Employee - Associate says

"Rude owners And mean expects 2 days work done in one day.They called on my day off I didnt answer so he put me from 40 plus hours to 2 a week"

Former Employee - Production says

"Everything there will benefit you. Just stress you to deatg."

Former Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"Low pay and no opportunity for growth"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"- No benefits (no insurance, nor 401k), long hours, on-call 24/7, very little pay even as you move up, no balance with personal or work life - Upper management (on corporate turns a blind eye to what is really happening within the stores) doesn't care about the employees at all - Working for a franchisee is even worse"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Field consultant are not trained well enough to act as efficient leaders representing the company , they are only there to act like they are trying to make create the illusion that they actually care about the franchise or the business Cons: None"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Waste of time. Nothing to learn except price of products. Most of owners are very cheap minded. Never pay holiday or any occasion. I work two years which i didn’t get paid more than $9 Cons: No respect"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Other staff was irresponsible and disrespectful. Never followed rules. Wouldn’t clean up after themselves, do their job. Dirtiest bathroom ever. Explosive employees who’d pout over small things and explode in front of customers. Very unprofessional. I’d come in for my shift at 6am and the midnight crew would leave all their work for me to do. Careless owners who wouldn’t do anything to help better the staff. On the verge of lower than minimum wage pay as well."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Graveyard shift is the worst managerS are selfish and lazy I was fired for standing up for myself managers are shitless and HR takes there side, ratss Cons: Mentally and physically terrible"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"There is no leadership and employee's don't know how to work as a team. The owner is passive aggressive. He doesn't care about his employees. Constantly changes schedule. Cons: Employee drama"

Sales Associate, Cashier and Stock Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Work at 7/11 if you want to get robbed at gunpoint and be treated by rude customers like trash. Deal with lazy co-workers who sit on their a*** does nothing to help you but complain and gossip their whole shift. Cons: Too much to mention"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Did not like working here!! I had to be a cashier, while I had to cook food. I also had to clean up the store and not to mention that a lot of the product was expired and the workers would try and leave it on the shelf. Also I had to deal with very rude customers. I was left alone in the store working for over 5 hours or more at time"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Dont expect much unless you want to live in a toxic a work environment that blames everything on you, due to their lack of caring and braincells!!!!!! Cons: Extreme amounts of gossip and insanely poor work ethics"

Field Consultant (Former Employee) says

"the worst company i ever worked for. The franchise model is terrible and 7-11 stressed about selling their 7brand products into stores and creates a conflict of interest."

Clerk/Cashier (Current Employee) says

"When you work for 711 if you work hard and you voice your opinions they start making the work environment uncomfortable..... and the policy on a smoke break is 3 minutes but if you kiss there butt you can stay on smoke break as long as you want ....it all boils down to is its the management the make people not want to be there....they talk about other employees to the favorite employees....it has to do with management and leader ship..."

Customer service, clerk (Former Employee) says

"The assistant manager of the store I worked came in up to 3 hours late Daily. When I complained about it too much they fired me. Worst. Job. Ever. Low pay, nepotism and impossible workloads. Plus, passive aggressive management that will fire you if you question their actions. Cons: The entire job"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you're not on the right persons good side you'll never go far in this company. If you don't kiss upper managements tale then you'll never make it."

Field Technician (Former Employee) says

"A multi-billion dollar Co. yet their medical benefits are super expensive. Management is horrible, no room for growth & place itself is horrible. You are treated and seen as a number not a person, there’s not a minute you get to rest other than lunch break and restroom break. Place is small and not really much to do but supervisor is always on your case handing you assignments and expecting you to finish within minutes always micro-managing you and sneaking up on you out of nowhere, has no people or management skills. Building is an oven during summer and an a north pole during winter. If you’re ok being on your feet and trying to stay and look busy and get bossed around 8hours a day then this job is for you, good luck. Cons: Management, salary/pay, workload, everything"

Cashier/ Stocker (Former Employee) says

"You are under paid. One dollar below the California state minimum wage. No one respects you. Customers don’t respect you, management doesn’t respect you, the owner doesn’t respect you. I was in a car accident and and instead of compassion I was written up. .. oh yeah they treat you like dirt. Cons: No healthcare"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Dead end job, no one cares about you or the ideas you have. No opportunity for advancement. No breaks. No pay raises. Not paid for overtime. Always expected to put more and more into a thankless job. Cons: Everything"

Cashier/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Hated to work there. Don’t get breaks and you have to eat while working. Not even 5 mins away from the work, no breaks at all. They don’t respect their employees Cons: All over bad place to work"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"In 7-11 you work more pay less and work too much and carry heavy and not allow for you break management is something difficultNd pay less than you expect"

Store Clerk/Cashier (Current Employee) says

"It is very hectic to work here, it is like a roller coaster ride, the management is very some timing. They claim they want you to learn how to do things however its the opposite. they do not want you to learn anything to advance in the company. Cons: No breaks at all you work the full time"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"8hr+ shifts with no breaks or incentives. If you work for a franchise you're better off working elsewhere. In corporate, there's benefits and better initial hourly pay."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"There are many promises of advancement opportunities and even more reasons why it never happens. Too many members of upper management are only concerned with their own success. There is no clear development plan. Only the promises made by those who have zero intention of promoting from within Cons: Micro managing upper management."

Kwanie Shelton-Palmer says

"Why you change the coffee from 12 p.m. to 7p.m. that's not fair. I have to pay $2.70 for one cup compared to .84 cents. Not fair for coffee lovers. My other complaint is if I scan my rewards card every single time I buy coffee how come I haven't gotten a free coffee yet. They keep telling me it's only in the app. My card is hooked up to my app and it shouldn't matter if it's the rewards card or my phone I still should get my free coffee. Figure it out 😊"

Urvish Patel says


Cristie Olson-Dinges says

"I had to give it one star in order to review the experience. I have never put a review online, good or bad, about anything but I am very tired of the way that I am treated when entering a store for gas or other types of items. There is a store in Jacksonville, Fl that should have reduced patronage based on the customer service and distractions around the store. I go to this store almost every day and there is always a homeless man, I assume he is homeless or he would be at home instead of sitting outside the 7-11 up against the wall all day long, sitting up against the wall right outside the door. No one seems to have a problem with this. Today I saw a woman sitting off to herself on the store property doing what appeared to be talking to herself. Then I went in the store and bought lottery tickets and cigarettes. The same cashier who had previously tried to keep a 10 dollar easy match lottery ticket winner from me threw my change across the counter at me. I asked her why she through my change at me she said i through my money at her. I placed the money on the counter after verifying the amount needed. The safety of the customers are in jeopardy and the store should have some revenue reviews based on how they treat customers. I called the customer service number which lead me to someone in El Salvador. It was difficult to understand her. Furthermore, I don't think it makes much sense to have a customer service contact phone number in another country when there are people out of work in the United States based on COVID-19. People should be trained better so that these kinds of experiences don't happen."

Bhagyadeep Sahota says

"The terrible customer service ever experienced, very less employees serve the customers nicely in the whole Sydney. They take ages to open the door early morning, some of them don't open it even or they might be scared. I had an experience last Sunday morning at pendle hill seven eleven Sydney, the Asian guy didn't open the door even I knocked it. He said I am not opening, otherwise don't touch the door. They don't care about customers much just want to grow their business in every sense."

Shawnette M. Simons says

"7eleven on Robert Blvd on Battlefield in Chesapeake VA. Is just crappy. The customer service is horrible. The counter tops where you get your coffee are always dirty and nasty. It's the pits."

Korissa Jacobs says

"Just all around crappy to be honest. Ive order with the app a few times and multiple times I get the wrong item. This time I call because I order 2 mountain dews, and was given 1 mountain dew and 1 mountain dew ZERO. Mr Alexander w customer service told me he couldnt help me it was my fault i didnt click on the item in check out and change a option to cancel order instead of get similar item. Which this was never told to me before, and I have called and got a refund before becaue I was given the wrong item. Happens all the time with these people and yet its my fault and I cant have a simple refund for an item I did not order. Also, not to mention, how the hell is a soda with NO SUGAR SIMILAR to a sode WITH TONS OF SUGAR?!"

Tony Laskowski says

"Greg. Ogden avenue. Lisle Illinois. Absolutely NOT the clerk overnight. Rude, mean and heartless. Watched this man attack physically and chase people out the door."

Heather Michelle says

"Let Me begin by saying that I paid $20.14 for an order that never even left the 7-11 Store but got marked as “Delivered” by the driver and the Store Manager tells Me to call 7-Now to get a refund which I “tried” to do but never got a refund after calling a handful of times and they even called the 7-11 Store to verify My Order never left got taken out by driver to be delivered but marked the order as “Delivered” so now I am having to wait to open a dispute with My bank which I can only do once the Transaction stops pending and that can take a couple of days. Meanwhile I am out of My $20.14 I needed to reorder the Grocery Items elsewhere and 7-Now won’t refund My money that is owed to Me. 😖"

Ella Smith says

"I go to this one 7/11 all the time because it is right across from my school and tonight I decided to go get a cold drink after a stressful exams. I walked in and grabbed a drink and I went up to pay, I handed the cashier lady my money and she then literally YELLED AT ME for giving her one less coin than was needed by accident. I was just so astounded by how blatantly rude she was I just grabbed the rest of my money back and walked out. I did nothing to her, I would NEVER be that rude to someone, ESPECIALLY when I am on the job. It really is amazing how people don’t feel ashamed of treating others that way."

Joe Flores says

"I have deleted the app. The fraudulent act of taking additional funds from my account, checking and credit card, especially during these hard financial times, is OUTRAGEOUS! I no longer will be going to 7-11 and would recommend people who do go, review your financial details with your bank and credit cards. I do not trust 7-11 at all."

Joe Ostrow says

"Can somebody explain why for the past 5 days a pack of cigarettes cost $7.49. Then suddenly they cost $8.22. Anywhere else in Vero Beach Fl. the cost is between $6.74 and$7.22. That is nothing but corrupt. F*** 7 eleven."

Erika Yanez says

"Almost everyday i come. But then i stopped. There's never fresh coffee. No made food. Either they don't have it or its shift change. We come here cuz we want something quick something fast n filling. But you can't cuz you have lazy employees or your out of stock. Don't ever go to 7 11 at 875 N Lamb Blvd LV NV 89110. They never have anything"

Helen McCurnin says

"I purchased a few things yesterday morning and the cashier was very rude. No good morning or no thank you after my purchase. I will never give them business again."

Jim Cook says

"Applied for a job in Oklahoma City in 1994. Application asked if I had ever filed bankruptcy. Was told by the guy that interviewed me that if I can’t handle my own money that I couldn’t handle theirs. Yes, really! I’ve been in the stores maybe once or twice. Never cared for them. I now make over $200K per year."

Kenneth Kristiansen says

"Absolutely horrible place. They cause food poisoning and when confronted, they offer to give you the food poisoning for free. After voicing my discontent with this, the female "supporter" just said, in two lines, that they are sad that I am not satisfied with the 4.5 dollars they would offer me for the incident and now that they refuse to reimburse the burger even - "the case is closed now on our end" was the last of the two lines she could muster the will to write.. Incredibly unprofessional. The discontent was clear on her part. She did not want to help, just sweep it under the rug."

Former Employee says

"We never once got a Christmas bonus. How much did they give you?"

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